Easter Baskets with the Mailbox Die!

Hello Crafty People:

My favorite thing to do is to take a die and do something new with them. As soon as I saw this mailbox die, I thought, “basket.” It’s bigger than our other baskets, which means you can get MORE GOODIES into it!! mwaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Not that I like giving out more goodies or anything. And it’s really easy to do, once you master the basic mailbox. I-crafter art has a really good tutorial on the basic mailbox. All you need is the basic body – no door, no flag. Just two of the boxes themselves in the base color of the basket you would like. After that, it’s some patterned paper and your imagination and you’re all set.

Here’s the link to my brief video tutorial below:

I really hope you try this – we fit all kinds of things into these baskets after we had finished them: deoderants, moisterizers, colognes, sauces. I imagine they would be great for medium bottles of alcohol (not something I do so not something I could show all y’all) – like 2 special bottles of beer. it opens up a world of possibilities not just for Easter but BEYOND. . .

Have fun crafting. . .


Mailbox by Lori Whitlock


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