i-crafter Angel Policy

We at i-crafter appreciate that you choose to use our products to create beautiful items for your own use and for resale. Therefore, we give permission for a limited license to use these products to create artwork and crafts under the following conditions:

  • You are permitted to sell your artwork and craft projects at fairs and events, festivals, community fundraisers, local craft events, and online craft marketplaces such as ETSY.
  • We require that your actual crafting be local in nature, handmade by the crafter or artist. You may not mass-produce or allow hired workers to do production.
  • We do not limit quantities of for-sale finished projects that abide by these restrictions and conditions.
  • i-crafter designs are copyrighted and may not be copied without permission
  • i-crafter designs may not be converted to any form of art for use in electronic digital cutting machines.
  • Final projects must be handmade, you may not digitally or electronically reproduce final projects.
  • You may not use i-crafter images for purposes of creating logos or company trademarks.
  • When selling handmade projects, the seller must clearly indicate that the projects for sale are the creation of the artist, and not products sold by i-crafter.
  • When creating handmade items for sale, you are responsible for obtaining necessary licenses and complying with any and all state and federal tax collecting/reporting regulations and assume complete responsibility and liability.