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What is the difference between the Original i-Mend Self-Mending Cutting Deck and the i-Mend Self-Mending PRO Decks?

The Original i-Mend Deck is a self-mending die cutting surface. It lasts longer than a hard, plastic cutting surface. We recommend flipping and rotating to keep from extensive warping. It is a great introduction to self-mending cutting surfaces since we were the first to introduce these to the crafting market.

Our i-Mend PRO Deck is also self-mending but is harder and thicker than our original i-Mend Deck. Our PRO Deck is also available in a MAGNETIC PRO Deck version. It is the next level of cutting surfaces that will truly be appreciated by crafters especially if you don’t like the cracking noises and high costs of constantly replacing hard cutting pads.

Please review our Sandwich reference chart HERE

Important note: Do not stack the PRO Deck where it will come in direct contact with the machine rollers. Please refer to the Sandwich chart for recommended machines and sandwiches.

We do not recommend using the PRO or MAGNETIC PRO Decks in a full-size machine with an opening width of 9 inches or more. 

Our PRO and MAGNETIC PRO Decks are designed to create a clean die cut without the warping, cracking and scratching of regular hard plastic cutting pads. This feature of the self-mending surface creates a softer surface which allows for all of these benefits. However, for very intricate dies and thicker cardstock, the softer surface may not give the desired resistance to allow the dies to cut easily. 

If you are experiencing your intricate die embossing instead of cutting your thicker cardstock with the PRO Deck, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Check that you are using the correct sandwich for your machine HERE
  2. Try using a regular hard plastic cutting pad for intricate dies and thick cardstock
  3. Use thinner cardstock

We do not recommend adding additional shims if the die is embossing large areas. Never force anything through your die cutting machine.

For best results using the Original i-Mend Self-Mending Deck, we recommend flipping and rotating the i-Mend Deck often when die cutting. Place the i-Mend Deck on the Cutting Base, place the material to be die cut face up on the i-Mend Deck, place the die with the blade side down and place a Translucent Cutting Deck on top. Run this through your die cutting machine to assure the most even pressure.

To minimize warping during extended usage, flip and/or rotate the i-Mend Deck after each pass to assure constant even wear.

For intricate dies, shims may be needed for best results using the i-Mend Deck.

Keep the i-Mend Deck away from heat including warm or hot water when cleaning.

To clean the i-Mend Deck, use a textured sponge and scrub using cold water. 

Do not use the i-Mend Deck with a Sizzix Precision Base Plate. This will damage your i-Mend Deck.

Do not use the i-Mend Deck with thin metal dies that have been previously used with the Sizzix Precision Base Plate due to compromised cutting surfaces of the die.

If some areas of a die do not cut well, try adding a small piece of cardstock to shim below just that area in the sandwich.


Our Decks will work with most manual die cutting machines with a 6 1/8″ opening.

Our Decks will not fit a Cuttlebug machine. 

When used properly, the Original i-Mend Deck works well with the Gemini family of machines. Use the standard recommended sandwich for thin metal dies. Flip and/or rotate the Deck after each pass. 

The Original i-Mend Deck will also work with the Vagabond machine when used properly and flipped and/or rotated after each pass.

Do not use the Original i-Mend Deck with the Sizzix Precision Base Plate

Results may vary if you use thin metal dies that have previously been used with the Sizzix Precision Base Plate due to compromised cutting surfaces of the dies


Our dies and dimensional embossing folders are compatible with most other manual die cutting machines. 


Please see our Sandwich reference page HERE.

If you do not get a clean first cut with the Original i-Mend Self Mending Deck try these troubleshooting suggestions: NOTE: Try one suggestion at a time

Start with the standard sandwich recommended for your machine and die type and replace one hard cutting pad with the Original i-Mend Deck. If needed, add a shim, one at a time until you get the desired die cut result. Use the least amount of pressure to avoid warping the Deck.

Try running the sandwich through your machine at least three times if necessary to get a clean cut.

If you still need more pressure then add a single shim behind the area that isn’t cutting

Note: if you are die cutting an intricate die and not getting clean results, we recommend that you use our hard, translucent cutting deck instead of the Original i-Mend Deck.

Do not use with thin metal dies that have been previously used with a steel cutting pad including the Precision Base Plate

If the Original i-Mend Deck begins to warp then you need to flip and/or rotate more often.

Our i-Brush Blender Brushes are washable with cold water. Some staining may occur depending on the type of inks used.

Do not mix water-based inks with oil-based inks on the same i-Brush.

There are 10 color-coded brushes that stack for easy storage. They hold snuggly  and pull apart easily.

They are designed to be used on the tip of your finger or stack several together to hold like a pencil.

The brush bristles are made of synthetic materials and no animals were hurt in the making of these brushes.

We sell individual 2-packs of colored and clear i-Brush Blender Brushes.

We also sell Brush Caps to protect the bristles of your i-Brush Blender Brushes 

We are the original manufacturers of the small, stackable blender brushes. Don’t settle for cheaper quality brushes.

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