Rainbow Balloon Wiper Card

Amanda Stevens Happy Birthday Wiper Insert

Birthdays are always more fun when you get a surprise, and today’s card has a special surprise inside! The balloons are on wiper blades and they pop up when you open it! Amanda from Pear Blossom Press here again. Let’s take a look at this card in action…

Isn’t it neat?! This card is on it’s way to a special little girl; I hope she loves it. I’ll have a video showing you how to assemble it soon, but let me assure you, with the help of the Happy Birthday Wiper die set, it was really easy!

I created my own rainbow paper by drawing lines on watercolor paper with my real brush markers, then blended the lines with a water brush. The die set comes with a pair of balloon dies, so cutting them all out goes twice as fast. I also cut out the happy birthday sentiment from the rainbow panel.

Next, I cut out the letters to spell celebrate from the Carly Alphabet die set, as well as the balloon string arms, and the happy birthday shadow from white cardstock. I cut the large wiper mechanism from coral cardstock, to match the card base and the panel on the front of the card. To create the wiper, I folded up the mechanism and tucked it into the card. (Again, video coming soon and I’ll walk you through that part.) Then I glued balloons to the balloon string arms. I glued the arms to the wiper mechanism and added the sentiment and shadow inside. 

To pull the front of the card together, I glued the rest of the balloons to the front panel, and spelled out celebrate. I popped the panel up with fun foam, and added a few gems and Aqua Shimmer highlights to finish the card off. Easy peasy, but really a cool card! 

i-crafter balloon wiper card
i-crafter balloon wiper card
i-crafter balloon wiper card

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope I’ve inspired you to give this a try! I’d love to see if you do; just post a picture in the i-crafter fan club on Facebook, or tag i-crafter on Instagram. You can find the sister article to this on my blog. I’ll be back soon with more fun cards to share. 

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Balloon Wiper Card

  1. Marcia Fellner says:

    I received the die set in the mail today. It only has one balloon die, not two as you stated. I was also hoping for some instructions as to how to assemble. it is super cute, but I don’t know how to assemble the wiper mechanism – can you please explain.

    • Amanda Stevens says:

      Hi Marcia! I received the set a few months early, before production started. I will check to see if my sample accidentally had two balloons. I apologise, I didn’t check before I posted. I am working on a video for this card, it will be ready soon. But Lynda has a video for the Heart Hands Wiper. The mechanism folds up in exactly the same way. You just substitute the balloon string arms for the hands. I would recommend gluing the balloons to the string arms, after you have them attached to the card. That way, you will be able to make sure they don’t stick out too far. Here is the video… https://youtu.be/j5ap21zu2GU

    • Marcia Fellner says:

      Thank you for your quick response. I will check out the video you suggested. I’m excited to use it as I think the concept is great and will bring a happy smile to the recipient.

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