MORE Easter Basket Ideas

Hello Crafty People!!

I went a little crazy thinking up ideas on how to decorate the Easter Baskets for my Easter dinner table. Now I have a whole ‘nother set of cute little boxes with animals from the Box Pops Add-on line attached to them!! It’s like these dies were made to be attached to these little boxes: the little placard that the die stands on is PERFECT for attaching the animal to the back of the box. If you watch the video, it all makes sense. I just wish I had had a unicorn as well. That would have been SPIFFY!!

i-crafter also makes Box Pop Add-ons that aren’t animals: there’s a truck and a scooter, and there’s also one with words. All of these would be adorable. I hope you like them.. I mean, not everyone wants their table covered with cute critters. Some of us aren’t just masquerading as adults.

Happy Crafting,

Cindyellen Robinson

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