How about Hanukkah in July?

Holiday Words
Hello again!
Today I am showing off the new i-crafter Holiday Words dies paired with the i-crafter Snowflake Border die set on two cards.
I wanted to my cards today to have a Hanukkah theme rather than Christmas. There are plenty of other holidays celebrated in December that we can begin to prepare a card stash for now, plus I happen to know some amazing folks who celebrate Hanukkah, I will be sending these cards to them!
To start my first card, I began by cutting some holographic cardstock down to 4″x 5.25″ & then die cut my “Happy Holidays” out of the center. I angled the dies slightly to add a touch of whimsy. For this card, I used the negative space created by cutting out the words, I set my words to the side to use in my second card. I trimmed some blue scrapbook paper down to fit on my card base, leaving it slightly larger than the holographic cardstock so there would be a nice layered look when I finished.
Next, I backed the holographic cardstock with foam tape to add some dimension to the card. Once this was placed, I used the center bits of the words to fill some of the negative space and make it easier to read.
I die cut snowflakes using a blue glitter cardstock. The snowflakes are a mix of the extra dies in both the Holiday Words and the Snowflake Border die sets, along with the smallest 3 snowflakes being negatives from the border die itself.
My second card also pairs the i-crafter Holiday Words and Snowflake Border die sets. I chose a 5.5″x5.5″ white card base for this project. I die cut the snowflakes from each die set using holographic cardstock to match the words that had been set aside from the first card.
Next, I took the same blue glitter cardstock as I used in my first card and cut it down to 5.5″x5.5″. I should have laid my words down and made sure that I was happy with the fit first, instead I eyeballed it and as a result my words are closer together than I would have liked and “Holidays” dips into the snowflake border a bit.
A “pro tip” when using the Snowflake Border, this die is so intricate that some of the pieces take a extra passes through the machine or even a precision cutting plate if you have on, which I don’t instead I run it through twice with the die facing sideways, then another two times with the die facing up and down.
I glued everything together flat with no foam tape and no extra embellishments other than the snowflakes that I had die cut. Even with the “imperfections” in these cards, they are absolutely gorgeous and I am so excited to send them this Winter!
I hope that you’ve enjoyed my cards and that you feel inspired to go create! If you’d like to follow me, here is my blog, Instagram, and Facebook page. Be sure to join the i-crafter Facebook Fan Club, then follow us on Instagram, and Pinterest too! We love seeing all of your creations using the i-crafter products so don’t forget to tag us or use #icrafter when you share!
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