Creativation, the Adventure!

Creativation 2020

People often post behind the scene photos of Creativation but I realized that being at the loading docks is something that not a lot of people see. So here are some “under the scene” photos of what it looks like to deliver your own booth to Creativation and actually set it up.


Delivery docks below Creativation

We’re HERE!


Our Booth Props

We drove to Phoenix in a rented mini van filled with our booth props and then it all fit on this one pallet to be delivered to our booth


Entering Creativation

This is the entrance most people would normally experience at the Show


Day 1

Setting up.

I cannot describe how exciting it is to be an exhibitor at Creativation. Been to the show many times but to actually deliver to the loading docks and walk in the front door was a thrill. 

Day 1 was busy but went very smoothly. Saw some old friends that were happy to see me start my own company. Saw the hard work that everyone does behind the scene prior to opening day.

Can’t wait to share more!


i-crafter Creativation

10 thoughts on “Creativation, the Adventure!

  1. Sheryl Cahill says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are coming out with a self-healing cutting mat for cutting machines ahead of the die cutting machine companies that should have done this years ago. When word of this gets around you are going to make a killing with every scrap booker and card maker, so I hope you have ordered a million of them. I will be checking every day to see when you have them available.

  2. Judy Stophel says:

    Great name and great products!!! I can’t wait till I can order for myself. That humming bird has my name written all over it. I will be waiting for it’s release along with the self healing mat. Best of luck on your new company!

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