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Here we are! A fresh new company, truly inspired by crafters, for crafters. 

What we believe: 
We believe that CREATIVITY lives in all of us. 
That creativity is the IMAGINATION made visible. 
That LEARNING new things can and should be fun. 
That creativity flourishes when we take time to EXPERIMENT and make mistakes.
That MAKING things with our hands is good for the soul. 
That CURIOSITY makes life infinitely more interesting.

This is a company backed by years of experience in the crafting industry. Built from the ground up with a lot of blood, sweat and tears {of joy} by people who truly like working with each other. 

We will be launching new product at the beginning of each month and together with that, we will feature an inspiring blog hop by our talented Inspiration Team. New ideas and new crafty goodies to start your month off as well as an entire 30ish days of inspiration by the Team. 

Because we are so new, you may notice a few glitches here and there. Just know that we are working to make your experience with us as fun and inspiring as possible. We want to build lots of tutorials, videos and ideas into this site so each time you visit there is something new to see and learn. 

So here we are and here we go! 

Let’s make something together.


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16 thoughts on “Hello, We Are i-crafter

  1. Dena Lanham says:

    Saw a YouTube video about your NEW company & it looks great! So happy for you to be embarking on such an exciting endeavor! Wishing you all the best!

    • I-crafter says:

      Thank you Maria. Beginning in April, we will be launching new product every month. We pre-launched January, February and March lines in time for Creativation but after this we will introduce new offerings at the beginning of each month.

  2. Brit says:

    Congratulations! I just saw your video from Creatavation and saw several items that are must haves for me! Love to see people living the dream!!!

  3. Ellen (Dogmom) says:

    Congratulations! Saw your product introduction video on YouTube and was very impressed. You did a great job showcasing your products. They look very intriguing and I look forward to shopping and crafting with you. Best of luck!

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