Cherry Blossom Mailbox Tutorial

Hello my crafty friends! Welcome to the i-crafter blog. Today I am sharing this gorgeous Cherry Blossom Mailbox decor piece. It is created with i-crafter’s Mailbox die, Cherry Blossom Burst die, Butterfly Bursts die, and the Flip Card Heart Bloom die sets.  I can see these displayed as a centerpiece on tables for a bridal shower, as place settings at a garden brunch, or added to seasonal display for a spring luncheon.  
I have created a step tutorial so you can follow along and recreate this or be inspired to create something new.  Let’s start the tutorial:
A – I used 130lb white cardstock to die cut and create the mailbox. I used a bone folder to create the mailboxes curve and added double sided adhesive tape along with liquid glue to attach the mailbox back and the front flap.
B and C – Using the i-crafter i-Mend Magnetic Pro Cutting Deck, I die cut twenty individual cherry blossom inner bursts from a dark pink cardstock.  I curled each inner burst with a ball stylus and a piece of shaping foam.  
D – I die cut two of the large cherry blossom bursts clusters, one of the small clusters, and 2 single blooms from light pink cardstock using the i-Mend Magnetic Pro Cutting Deck, I curled each cherry blossom burst with the ball stylus and a piece of shaping foam leaving the outer flower paper outline alone.  For one of the individual die cut blossoms, I cut off the outline layer and curled the petals tight into a bud like shape like a flower bud.
E and F – I glued one of the large cherry blossom bursts over the sides and across the top of the Mailbox.  I glued eight of the dark pink inner bursts to each cherry blossom flower.
G and H – I cut a piece of green watercolor printed cardstock to 6 1/2″ by 1 7/8″.  I die cut the top mailbox arch from one end of the cardstock piece by running the arch portion of the die under the die machine rollers.  If you only cover the cardstock you want to cut with the top plate  and do not cover the bottom portion of the die, that lower blade will not have any top pressure to cut into the cardstock.  I curved the straight  edge upward  and glued this piece into the mailbox bottom and inside lid as shown.
I – After gluing the remaining dark pink inner bursts to the remaining cherry blossoms.  I positioned the second large blossom partially inside the mailbox and glued a few of the blossom outlines to the inside lip of each side of the mailbox lid.  This give the cluster a natural curve and lift.  I used the Flip Card Heart Bloom dies to die cut the leaves and long floral stems from green watercolor printed cardstock.
J – Curl the leaves and glue some of them among the flower cluster on top of the mailbox. Cut one of the blossoms from the small cluster and position these three flowers on the back side of the mailbox.
K and L – Die cut a small inner burst from the light pink cardstock and pair it with the blossom bud we created earlier. Glue the bud inside the small burst and glue that burst to one of the long floral stems.
L – Glue the final cherry blossom to the second long stem.
M – Position the single flower with the stem in between the flower cluster on the lid by glue the base of the stem to the floor of the mailbox lid.  Do the same with the flower bud stem/
N – Die cut the single butterfly from the Butterfly Burst dies from black cardstock and added a piece of vellum behind the wings
O and P – Finish the Cherry Blossom Mailbox, by gluing the remaining leaves to the mailbox and attach the Butterfly to the upper side of the mailbox.  
i-crafter items used

Thank you for stopping by today’s blog and you are inspired to create your own floral mailbox. Let me know if you have any question!

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