My Sister’s Birthday Card with Non Birthday Dies

hello Crafty Peoples!!

This blog is late late late – my hands were not cooperating with my brain today and it took me quite a while to get this organized. Some days are like that when you have a chronic illness. Anyway, i have a trick about using your guillotine trimmer, a different way to use a pop up card die, how to make a sentiment spring out of a card and a new foreign word for you all to learn today!! Now that’s worth the wait, eh?

My sister and I are twins so coming up with a birthday card every year is always something interesting. Inevitably, we pick out something with the same theme for each other, even when we swear to GAWD this year will be different. We also show up at each other’s houses wearing the same outfit (yes, sometimes down to the same shirt), and we have it on good authority, from those who have spent time with both of us, that spending time with one is indeed like spending time with the other. Except I’m taller. Just saying. And my favorite color is green, not purple.

Peace out crafty friends,

Cindyellen Robinson

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