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Welcome back to the i-crafter blog.  Today I am sharing a way to take your Recipe Mini Album die and change it to a fun mini album for children.  Previously we visited the Circus with the kids and took so many photos I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  So, I decided to use this die to create a Circus mini album to show off all the fun photos I collected.  I used fun bright colors and various dies from i-crafter to make it happen.

The die set comes with fun add-on pieces that I used to dress up the mini album.  I took the die and created a pocket for a photo mat that is double sided as seen in the photo above.  I simply covered both sides and added the divider tab that will be used to remove/hold the photo mat.

Above I took the Pegboard Shelfie die and used it create a photo mat

For this page of the mini album I created a Wiper “Memories” popup.   Above is how it looks when the book is closed and below is a closer look of the wiper features of the die set.  I simply took the Memories sentiment from the Recipe Mini and used it.

You glue the wiper mechanism to the fold of the card

I Crafter Wiper Card

For this page I used the Dashed Squares for the photo mat and used the Box Pops Lucky Cat Add on for a fun extra piece in the mini album.  Using the i-Clik Die Pick makes gluing on the small intricate pieces so EASY!

I hope everyone enjoyed my post and thanks so much for stopping by.

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