Let’s Make This

Turn this hand crafted milk carton into a treat box that pours on the sweets! Follow along with the instructions below or scroll to the bottom to watch the video tutorial of a slightly different Valentine milk carton.

Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:


Use a die cutting machine to die cut the shapes

From white card stock, die cut one doily. From red card stock, die cut one conversation heart shape and 18 of the small heart shapes from the Impossible Box Valentine Add on piece.

Fold along all crease lines. The angle creases and the small tap along the tops are valley folds everything else is mountain folds. Use the i-Press Burnisher to create crisp folds.

Apply strong adhesive along the side tabs

Adhere the two large pieces together

Flip over and fold in along the left and right vertical folds to meet in the middle. Apply adhesive along the tabs

Press together firmly to create four sides of the carton

Apply strong adhesive to the bottom flaps to close

On the inside of the top flaps, measure and mark 1 inch from either side

Wrap washi tape completely around the lower part of the carton

Adhere the red conversation heart to the front of the carton below a triangle gable shape

To create a crisp fold on a complex shape, place a ruler along the back of the shape to hold in place and lift gently with the i-Press Burnisher tool to fold.

Adhere the doily to the back corner of the carton

Gently press in the triangle gables and pinch the top together.

Apply adhesive to half of the top tab stopping where at the mark made earlier

Pinch the top tab together to let it adhere completely

Apply dots of adhesive along the top and sides of the carton. Use i-Grip Reverse tweezers to place the small hearts on the adhesive dots

Let the hearts appear to tumble along the carton

Gently fold open the top of the milk carton to reveal the spout

Pinch the flaps to create an angled crease on the outer slopes of the carton top

Gently squeeze the sides of the triangle gable to create the spout

Fill with candy or other small treats for a heartfelt Valentine gift.

These Milk Carton Boxes are so easy to make and so fun to share. Make them for any occasion including Baby Showers or Back to School surprise snack containers.

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