Let’s Make This

Here’s an easy and simple way to make wiper cards with a surprising twist of hands that come together to form a heart.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

Love Hands wiper card

2 Die cut the shapes out of desired colors. Cut two of the heart shape saving the drop-out pieces

3. Fold the large wiper shape in half as shown

4. Turn the large wiper shape over and fold the bottom part in half to create a horizontal mountain fold. Gently fold back the two sides of this mountain fold to create a valley fold while folding the four angle creases into mountain folds. Fold back the long tab along the bottom edge

5. Cut apart the word Love between the “o” and the “v”

6. Arrange the hands to hold the word Love while the wiper insert is completely flat. Adhere the letters to the hands. Trim the bottom of the arms to match the angle of the center crease. Adhere the arms to the wiper shape being careful to adhere only to the folded triangle shape

7. Adhere the edge of the square tabs {black arrows} along the inside center crease of the card {red arrow}

8. Add adhesive along the long, narrow tab

9. Open the card completely flat, fold back the long narrow tab and adhere it to the back of the card 

10. Apply adhesive to the front panel {indicated by the black outline}

11. Fold up the front flap and adhere

12. Embellish the front flap with layers of flowers from the Floral Garden set

13. Front of the card: Lightly trace the large heart with pencil on the front of the card. Blend the Candy Coated Hybrid Ink around the pencil line using the i-Brush ink applicator

14. Adhere the large heart over the pencil line. Adhere the contrasting colored strips from the second die cut heart shape. 

15. Using a black marker, write the words “I love you” around the inked edges of the heart

Wiper cards are simple and versatile. These heart hands can hold so many ideas and share so much love.

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