Let’s Make This

Layer the stamps to create an offset print. Die cut the letters to create two different looks.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:


Align the stamps to spell the word BIRTHDAY. The letters can align closely together.

Place a piece of scrap paper on the platform to avoid getting ink on the platform. Apply Mango Madness Hybrid ink to the stamp. Place the card so that the word will print slightly off the bottom of the card.

Apply the ink to the stamp again and move the card so that the word stamps in the middle of the card.

Use the scrap paper to protect the stamp platform again. Apply ink to the stamps and move the card so that the word stamps to the right and slightly off of the top of the card.

Clean off the stamps using baby wipes. Place the scrap paper onto the stamp platform again. 

Align the card so that the stamped words are slightly offset from the original stamped image.

Repeat the offset printing for the bottom word.

Repeat once again for the center word.

The offset printing can be in different directions to create a playful, casual look.

Apply the i-Stik Adhesive sheet to the back of two different colors of cardstock. Die cut the letters to spell out the word HAPPY cutting the letter P twice. Separate the pieces to give you a solid and an outline alphabet.

Peel off the backing of the letters and adhere to the stamped card front. 

Art Lesson: Keep the colors around the same amount of contrast so that one color doesn’t stand out more than the rest. This creates a background effect so your eye sees everything instead of focusing on just one word or shape.

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