Let’s Make This

Sometimes techniques don’t turn out as expected. In this case, it turned out better that I had hoped.

Follow along with the instructions or scroll below for a complete video tutorial.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Rose Heart die
    i-Stik Adhesive Sheet
    Die Cutting Machine
    Alcohol ink – Sunshine Yellow, Cranberry, Pesto and Pitch Black
    Alcohol Blending Solution
    Cotton swabs
    Craft mat 
    Craft knife
    Black cardstock
    Thick Acetate – packaging window-weight, recycled if possible


Begin by applying the i-Stik adhesive sheet to the black cardstock. Die cut using the Rose Heart die. Because this is a detailed die, you may need to use a shim and several passes through your die cutting machine to make a clean cut. 

Remove all of the separate pieces so that you are left with just the outline of the rose. Repeat this process to create three leaves.

Using a craft knife, cut a piece of the clear packaging acetate into a 5″ x 5″ square. Arrange the rose and leaves on the front of the acetate.

Protect your work surface with a craft sheet. On the back of the acetate, begin adding alcohol ink using the cotton swabs. Here I’m dabbing the alcohol ink beginning with the Sunshine Yellow and blending in the Cranberry ink.

After applying the alcohol inks I turned over the acetate and realized that this was more spotty than I wanted so I decided to keep working with the inks. Alcohol inks are very forgiving so if you don’t like something, just add more ink and it creates a different look.

I added more ink but I felt it wasn’t what I wanted yet. I even added some Pitch Black ink to create depth but it still wasn’t right. Keep experimenting!

Here’s what I discovered; If some areas are dry {the center of the rose} and you add more liquid alcohol inks, it will pool but not cross into the dry areas. This can create an interesting stained glass look.

The black ink flowed and pooled around the outer edges and near the edges of the dry center. This added to the stained glass look. I added Pesto ink to the leaves and let that pool as well.

Heart Rose

Use the Alcohol Blending Solution on a cotton swab to clean up any stray ink that appears outside of the black lines. The deep red color and streaks of black look gothic.

I designed this die to look like either a pretty, soft rose or a piece of tattoo art depending on how you choose to embellish it. This accidental alcohol ink technique created a perfect example of the edgy tattoo art idea I envisioned.

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