Let’s Make This

Here’s a riddle: When is an Animal Mini Envelope not an Animal Mini Envelope? When it’s overflowing with flowers of course. Small envelopes have so many uses. Here’s one that is super sweet.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:


Die cut the Animal Mini Envelope shape and flap out of white cardstock. Fold in all flaps.

Adhere the triangular flap along the narrow tab at the top of the envelope. On the larger piece, fold in both sides then fold up the bottom flap and adhere to form the envelope. Adhere the open envelope to the front of a card.

Die cut flowers and leaves from the Floral Garden die set. You can add more or less flowers and leaves depending on your preference.

For this flower, use i-Clik Die Pick to push the thin petal tabs forward from the back.

Use the i-Press Burnisher tool to add dimension to the flowers. Add layers to the center of the flowers.

Begin filling the envelope by adhering the fern leaves to the envelope. Place the leaves slightly inside the envelope.

Adhere the largest flowers.

Adhere the various light green leaves. Place them so that they appear to fan out of the envelope for best effect.

Add a few of the smaller flowers to fill any open spaces.

Finally, tuck in and adhere the bud stems to add additional spots of color.


To complete the card, die cut the word “Love” from the Heart Hands Wiper Insert die set and adhere to the front of the envelope.

Art Tip: Make the larger flowers or leaves in a lighter color. This creates a pleasing visual area for the viewer’s eyes to rest. Make the smaller, busy shapes in the darker colors as accents. Be aware of dark and light contrasts as well as colors when creating a pattern.

These Animal Mini Envelopes are so versatile whether as gift card holders, fun animal faces or for holding flowers. 

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