Let’s Make This

Create this interactive galaxy, wiper card to let Dad know that he is special

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

Apply alcohol blender solution on the Yupo paper panel. Add drops of black alcohol ink onto panel. Use blower to move and spread the ink. Drop Silver Alloy alcohol ink onto panel and use blower to move. Add more blender solution as needed to move ink as desired. Repeat this to create 3 alcohol blended galaxy panels.

Create splatters on all galaxy panels using white metallic paint and a paintbrush.

Card Base: Score an 8 ½” x 5 ½” white cardstock panel at the 4 ¼” mark. Next, score a line just above and just below the 4 ¼” mark to create a wide score line on the card base. Adhere one of the galaxy panels on the front of an A2-sized card base.

Place the EZ light on the inside of the card base. Add the battery and secure that part on the bottom card panel. Use tape to secure 2 of the lights on the upper panel of the card towards the upper right side leaving a third light loose.

Splatter the gray cardstock panel with the white metallic paint and glow in the dark acrylic paint. Use a pencil to draw a box on the back of the panel where the easy light battery will fit underneath it. Place double sided foam tape on the back of the panel making sure not to cover over the marked box.

Adhere one of the galaxy panels directly to the upper inside panel on top of the two lights.

Apply glow in the dark acrylic paint onto a strip of Yupo paper. Allow to  dry completely then die cut different sized stars using the star die from the Box Pops, Unicorn add-on set.

Wiper Mechanism: From the other gray panel, die cut the wiper mechanism from the Celebration Wiper Insert die. Fold along score lines as shown. Use a small hole punch on the left side of the top of the wiper.

From the remaining galaxy panel, die cut just the curved panel of the wiper die. Adhere this galaxy die cut to the gray wiper mechanism.

From the Hello World die set, cut the Earth with an interchangeable continent in green. Using the same globe die without the continent, die cut a blue globe. Trim around the globes with scissors so that only the round shapes remain. Adhere the green continent circle on top of the blue circle.

Adhere the Earth to the top rounded area of the galaxy front of the wiper mechanism.

Adhere the wiper mechanism to the inside of the card by placing adhesive on the two square tabs and adhering them to the gray splattered base right up at the card base fold {A}. Open the card fully and adhere the long thin tab at the top of the mechanism to the top galaxy panel {B}. Feed the remaining EZ light through the hole from the underside using i-Grip tweezers {C}.

Die cut a wiper arm from the galaxy panel scraps and gray panel, sandwich together to create a galaxy arm. Adhere the galaxy arm to the left wiper fold.

Rocket Body: From the Animal Mini Envelopes die set, die cut the large ear shape out of a piece of red and a piece of white cardstock. Use a pencil to draw a rounded line at the top of the white rocket body and trim with scissors.

Rocket Fins: From the small banner in the Ribbon Rosette die set, cut one red banner. Trim off the points and adhere them to the bottom of the rocket. Adhere the white rocket body to the red rocket body.  Use 2 different sized hole punches to create 2 circles from the gray cardstock and adhere on the rocket body.

Rocket Exhaust: From the Comic Words die set, cut the exclamation bubble die from white and gray cardstock. Use clear tape on the back to adhere them together and then adhere it to the flat part of the rocket.

Adhere the rocket to the top of the wiper arm. Run the remaining EZ light wire up the back of the wiper arm and use clear tape to adhere the wire so light is positioned at the rocket exhaust. Push button on battery base to test lights. Adhere the galaxy panel and Earth wiper front to gray wiper mechanism.

From black cardstock, die cut the letters for “you’re outta this world!” sentiment using the Alphabet, Carly die. Adhere the letters onto the gray splattered inside panel.

Write the word “Press” on a large glow in the dark star and adhere it on the gray splattered panel over the battery button.

Press to test lights and adhere 2 other stars over the lights on the top galaxy background. Adhere a smaller third star to the galaxy background.

From black and gray cardstock, die cut the letters to spell “DAD” from the Comic Words die set. Use clear tape on the back of the letters to adhere the gray outline to the black centers. Adhere black foam dots on the backs of the letters. Adhere the letters to the galaxy panel on the front of the card.

Show someone how special you think they are with this outta this world card!

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