Let’s Make This

This versatile little treat box can become a sweet little gnome just in time for Valentine’s Day

Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

Valentine Gnome


Use a die cutting machine to die cut the two main box shapes plus an additional piece of the box front pointed piece for the hat.

Die cut the heart strip and small hearts from light pink card stock. Die cut small hearts from red card stock. Using the number “0” from the Heather Lower Case die set, cut from a scrap of tan card stock. Save the oval center piece for the nose.

Using scissors, cut along the side crease lines and bottom indented line of the small triangle shape to create the hat. 

Beard Template: Download and print at 100%. Confirm print size by measuring the 1 inch scale image. Cut out the paper template and place on the back of the faux fur fabric. 

Using the beard pattern, carefully hand cut the fabric from the back of the faux fur material. Cut only through the fabric backing to allow the faux fur to remain uncut.

Gather the two larger box shapes, the beard and the nose.

Using the i-Press Burnisher, fold along all three crease lines of each large piece.

Apply adhesive along bottom tab on the pretty side of the card stock. Adhere both bottom tabs together with finished side of tabs together.

On the front large triangle apply adhesive to hold the beard

Adhere the beard. Apply double-sided foam tape to the back of the triangle hat. 

• Apply hat to cover the top of the beard.
• Apply foam tape to the back of the nose and adhere to the beard as shown.
• Adhere the heart scroll to the hat and trim excess.
• Thread the ribbon through the holes at the top of the closed box and leave untied.
• Cut the craft wire into two 5 inch pieces. Adhere the tiny hearts to both ends of the wire. Wrap the wire around a pencil to create spirals. Tie these into the ribbon and close off the box.

These are perfect little Valentine treat boxes. Give these out to your gnomies! 

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