Tips and Tricks with the Slanted Carrier

Hello Crafty People!

I have fallen in love with our Slanted Carrier box! It is just so versatile AND you can make and decorate them ahead of time, then tuck them away in your stash to use as presents for the future. That is such a time saver. They carry makeup, crafty supplies, nail polish, or little candy tubes! If you have the time ahead, they would make such nice wedding favors, or baby shower favors, or birthday favors. . .

I have some tips and tricks today on getting these boxes together, developed over making just a lot of them lol. First of all, when you are creasing your folds, DO NOT crease the bottom of the box. This will help with getting the bottom to stay together nicely in the end. Also, make sure to bend those middle supports in both directions, to make assembling the box easier.

Now, did you know that, since this box can fold, you can put it together in its folded state, so that you know you’ve got everything together? YES YOU CAN! See the pictures below!! (Remember your glue)



There are also several ways to use the dies to decorate the box. You can cut out the actual embellishing dies included with the set, OR you can trace inside the big die shape for bigger layers for your box!!

After all of that, if you want to decorate aaaaaall the slanted sides of your box, remember to cut some of the small slanted die shapes with your paper backwards, so that the slant comes out going the other way!!

Making the bottom is easy with these simple steps. Remember all those times you tried to fold together a cardboard box? It’s like that. Follow the pictures below:

Start with the two smaller flaps towards the inside. Fold the triangle bits of the larger flaps towards the OUTSIDE of the box (pic 1). Glue those triangle flaps squarely to the smaller flap, creating a 90 degree corner (pic 2 and 3). When all is dry, give the box a good squish, so that both corners will interlock with each other (pic 4), let go and let the box pop back up for the interlocking bottom (pic 5) Hooray! We’ve got ourselves a box!

Hopefully, computer problems will be solved soon – I miss chatting with all y’all on YouTube.

See you soon,

Cindyellen Robinson

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