Sweet Mini Slimline Zip Envelope

zip envelope

Hi there. It’s Aya on the blog today with a cute Mini Slimline Zip Envelope idea. This is such a wonderful, unique envelope die set.

When you seal it closed the only way to open it is with the zip pull.  I can see using this for a baby reveal, gift card, or adding money on the inside for a wedding or graduation.  What would you put in the middle of a sealed envelope like this?

Here is how it is made.


Using the i-Mend Magnetic Self-Mending ProCuttingDeck  I die cut the envelope die to die cut 2 envelope pieces. If you are using paper with a pattern that goes in one direction then be sure and die cut one piece with the pattern upside down. When rotated right-side up, this will be the front of the envelope. I then placed the curved zip die on the right-side-up pattern envelope piece to create the back of the envelope. You can also insert the curved zip die into the envelope die before running this through your die-cutting machine in one pass.

Fold along the score lines on both envelope pieces and adhered only 3 of the 4 sides together. I created a matchbook! It is so much fun to make. The sky is the limit to put inside it whatever you want.

With the card complete, place it inside the envelope and adhere to the last side, finishing off this project.

check a short video here 

Thank you, I appreciate you taking time from your day to stop by and check out this i-crafter creation, the Fun Mini Zip Envelope.


Supplies used

Matchbook Stitched Base by Lynda Kanase

Mini Slimline Zip Envelope by Lynda Kanase


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