Sweet Bunny Basket – Box Pop Easter Card

Hello my crafty friends!  Welcome to today’s i-crafter blog.  How cute is the Easter Basket Box Pop card?  It is created using the Easter Embellishments dies, Box Pop Oval Base die as the basket base, and Stitched Rainbow dies for the basket handle.  Box Pop cards are 3D when popped open and they fold flat to fit into an A2 envelope (unless you add more height to some of the add-ons).

You can be super creative by adding textured or printed papers cut to the shapes of the base and sides as you see in this photo. I used a basket weave texture paper for the basket and the basket handle.  The inside of the basket has green watercolor cardstock to look like grass.

Die cut two Oval Box Pop base pieces (with the slot insert dies added to top of each side) from 80lb kraft cardstock and fold them on the score lines, Using the Box Pop base, die cut two side pieces from basket weave textured paper. Trim the basket sides on the score line and cut off the notched area. Glue them to each of the kraft paper base sides.  
Die cut two of the largest Stitched Rainbow dies pieces from the basket weave textured paper and glue them together to create the basket handle. Cut a piece of i-crafter i-Stik Adhesive 1 1/4″ x 5″.  Remove one side of the release paper and attach it to the onside of one of the oval bases (the two sides with the notches match up).  Cut 3/4″ from both ends of the basket handle and attach it to the base with the i-Stik adhesive as shown, making sure not to cover any of the notch opening on the sides.  Add a bit of liquid glue to the box base notches and the basket handles and carefully attach the two bases together  
Fold one side of the basket base and glue the edge of the other side to it matching up the basket weave.  leave the other side open until later
Using the i-Mend MAGNETIC PRO Deck, place a strip of 1″ green watercolor cardstock face up on top of it. Place both the insert dies (from the Oval Bop Pop dies) face down on the 1″ cardstock strip. Trace the shape with a pencil and then run it through the die cutting machine using the proper sandwich for your machine. Cut the shapes out and glue them on top of the Box Pop bas as shown.  
Die cut two if the pop-up tabs from kraft cardstock and fold on the score line. Add double sided adhesive tape to the bottom of the tabs (short tab side) remove the release paper and slide one through each slot openings and adhere them to the bottom inside of the Box Pop Base.  
Close up the other side of the basket edge as the previous one. The basket is finishes and now it is time to embellish it,  
I am using a printed watercolor cardstock to die cut all the Easter Embellishments.  Die cut two bunnies on with the cardstock face up and one with the cardstock face down, so you have a front and back side to the bunny. Add the eyes, nose, and cheek to one side and an ear insert to each side. glue the front of the bunny to the tab in the middle front of the basket.  Line it up with the grass.  Line up and glue the back side of the bunny to the back of the front facing bunny.  
Die cut the Happy Easter sentiment and glue it together. I tried a couple of color combinations and settled on pink and white. Glue this to the front of the box pop side. 
Die cut two easter baskets, seven of the easter eggs in various sizes, and eight of the flower dies.  Mix and match the flowers using different flower fronts to different colored flower backs to create 4 flowers. Glue two flowers on to the top of each side of the Box Pop basket handle.  
Glue the mini basket embellishment to the back pop-up tab.  Glue the easter eggs in the basket so they face forward.  Glue a second set of easter eggs behind the 1st set of eggs facing back. Glue the final mini easter basket to the back side covering up the tab.   
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Thank you so much for stopping by today for my i-crafter blog post.  I hope you enjoyed learning how to create the Sweet Bunny Basket using the Easter Embellishment dies, Box Pop Oval Base and the Stitched Rainbow dies.  Let me know if you have any question or feel free to leave a comment!


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