Let’s Make This

Colors and depth create visual drama to this interactive card.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

Supplies: Tunnel Card Base, Swan die, various cardstock, liquid adhesive

The large rectangle die is the Base for all of the tunnel card layers. Place the round, cattail die in the center and run this through your die cutting machine. This will be the front layer of the tunnel card. Note: Use the lightest color cardstock in the front and place darker colors further back to add more visual dimension.

Using the same large rectangle base die, place the swan die in the center and run this through your die cutting machine. This will be the middle layer.

Place the hanging leaves die in the center of the base and die cut the back layer.

Using just the circular swan die, cut the swan out of white cardstock. 

To remove the excess white cardstock below the swan, rotate the swan die and die cut again.

Using just the circular shapes, die cut additional leaves and cattails in various colors of cardstock to embellish the layers.

Trim off the sides of the middle layer.

Fold the two crease lines back on the front cattail layer. Fold the two crease lines forward on the back leaves layer.

Trim and adhere the cattail embellishment pieces onto the front layer. 

Using a black marker, color the face of the swan. Adhere the swan onto the middle layer.

Adhere the extra hanging leaves onto the back layer.

To assemble: Fold the edges of the back layer forward. On the narrow tabs apply adhesive and adhere the middle layer. 

On the front layer, fold the two side flaps back on either side. Apply adhesive to the narrow tab.

Adhere the right narrow tab to the front of the middle layer. Repeat on the left side.

Tunnel Card Base, Swan

The assembled Tunnel Card. Card can fold flat to fit an A2 envelope.

Watch for more Tunnel Card designs that can be used with this Base die.

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