Let’s Make This

Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Exploding Shaker Box die
    i-Press Burnisher and Pad
    Die cutting machine
    Craft Knife
    Thick cardstock – white
    Cardstock – 2 coordinating patterns
    3/8 inch sewing elastic – approximately 12 inches
    Adhesives – Dry, Liquid and Hot Glue
    1 inch pom poms



exploding shaker box


Step 1 – Prep

Die cut all of the pieces:

Thick white cardstock

  • Large Rectangle: 4 pieces
  • Large Square: 10 pieces
  • Lid Sides: 8 pieces

Cardstock Pattern A {Outside Pattern}

  • Small Square: 5 pieces

Cardstock Pattern B {Inside Pattern}

  • Large Square: 1 piece
  • Small Square: 6 pieces
  • Lid Sides: 4 pieces

Other Supplies:

  • 1 inch Pom Poms: 40 count
  • 3/8″ Sewing Elastic


Step 2 – Assemble the Box

  • Fold the crease lines on all large rectangle shapes.
  • Align the bottoms of the shorter flaps of two shapes and apply dry adhesive
  • Adhere the remaining short flaps to create the final two sides of the box

Step 3 – Reinforce and Embellish the Box

  • Adhere two large white squares to the outside of each box side
  • Apply the Pattern A small square on each box side to embellish
  • Apply one Pattern B small square on the bottom of the box

Step 4 – Elastic Mechanism

  • Using the ruler, lightly mark the center of each embellished side
  • Draw a 3/8″ line across the center
  • Using a craft knife and self-healing mat, carefully cut a 3/8″ slot where you marked
  • Insert one end of a 6″ length of elastic into the slot and pull a 1/2″ piece of elastic through
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • With another 6″ length of elastic, insert and repeat on the two remaining sides
  • Attach one of the 1/2″ ends of the elastic using hot glue
  • Turn the box inside out and pull the opposite elastic end through the other slot until the length of elastic inside the box is 3″.
  • Trim the elastic leaving 1/2″ and hot glue in place
  • Repeat these steps for the remaining two sides

Step 5 – Inside of the Box

  • Adhere the small squares of Pattern B cardstock to the sides of the box to cover the elastic ends
  • Adhere the small square of Pattern A cardstock to the remaining panel

Step 6 – Lid Assembly

  • Fold all crease lines
  • Adhere the long tabs of each Lid Side around the edges of the remaining large white square making sure that all short tabs are facing in the same direction
  • Place the Lid on the box and adhere the short tabs leaving a little extra space for the thicker sides
  • Remove the Lid
  • On the remaining white Lid Sides, adhere the Pattern B cardstock Lid Side shapes. Trim off the side tabs and adhere these to each white Lid Side
  • Adhere the Pattern B large square to finish off the top of the Lid

Fill and Enjoy

  • Turn the box right side out so that the elastic is on the outside
  • Fill the box with pom poms
  • Place the box lid to hold it closed
  • Add ribbon to complete

This is a fun way to do a gender reveal surprise announcement. You can also use this idea for so many other occasions, think surprise gift card or Valentine’s Day gifts. Have fun and please be sure and share your projects with us!

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