Summer in Bloom Rocker Card

Hey there crafty friends!  I am so glad you stopped by to see this blooming rocker card created with five i-crafter die sets!  I believe this is the second time I have created a rocker card and I honestly do not even remember what the first one looked like, but I do remember it never really rocked well.  This one has a nice balance of weight on both sides, so the movement is smooth.
In addition to the Rocker Step Card Base die, the focal point is created using the flowers, butterflies and a sentiment word from Stand Up Window Add-On dies.  I use the i-Mend Self Mending Magnetic  ProCutting Deck with my Platinum die cutting maching to create all the die cuts.  I have been using the Magnetic ProCutting Deck fo the last 8 months.  It does not warp and I am still using the same clear plate  on the top. The sandwich starts with the i-crafter Standard Cutting Base, followed by the i-Mend Magnetic ProCutting Deck, next your cardstock, the die face down, and finally one Clear Cutting Deck.  This sandwich fits perfectly in a Platinum or a Platinum 6 cutting machine. 
I die cut the rocker card base from a thick black cardstock. I then carefully folded the steps and the card on its score lines to create the rocker base. 
I die cut the following shapes:
  • Six various green cardstock Monstra Leaves using the Doodle Monster Leaves die set
  • One leaf branch from the Stand Up Insert Base die set
  • Two grass pieces die cut from the Box Pop Dinosaur Add On dies (cut 1/4″ off the bottom of one of the grass pieces)
  • eight pink and four yellow cardstock flowers, 6 teal flower middles, 2 butterfly solids and 3 open cut butterflies, and the Thanks sentiment from light pink cardstock and the shadow layer from a darker pink cardstock (all from the  New Stand Up Window Add-On die)
  • I also cut four 3″ long and 1/4″ wide plastic strips   

Using this photo as a reference, assemble and glue the flowers together. Glue the two butterfly halves together creating two butterflies.  Glue the word thanks on top of the shadow layer. Glue one Monstera leaf to the top step of the rocker card and glue one of the clear plastic strips in the middle of the top step over the leaf. Attach a second Monstera leaf layered over the top to hide and secure the plastic strip. On the second step glue the grass into place starting with the taller grass in the back and the shorter grass in the front. Trim off any grass overhanging the rocker card base.

Attach two of the remaining Monstera leaves together, only glueing at the top area. Flay out the base of the Monstera leaf away from each other.  This is attached over the left side of the fold on top of the rocker card base. Do the same with the remaining two Monstera leaves.  Glue a plastic strip behind the branch to stabilize it. Slide the branch into the middle of the Monstera leaf as shown and glue it into place.

Attach the final two clear plastic strips to the rocker card as shown above. You may now assemble the flowers and butterflies to the rocker and plastic strips using the photos as placement reference.  Feel free to cut down the plastic strips to accommodate the design.

Glue the Thanks sentiment to the front lower right of the rocker card front.  I die cut the back half of the rocker base from a piece of white cardstock and trimmed of about 1/4″ around it to add the the back of the shaker card for a personal message. You can see two of the flowers are glued to the card back along with the final open butterfly.

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Thank you, I appreciate you taking time from your day to stop by and check out this Blooming Rocker Card. I hope you are inspired to create something lovely today!

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