Stitches and Fishes Make Meow Happy!

Feline Happy i-crafter

Hello my crafty friends and welcome to today’s blog. This colorful card features i-crafter’s Feline Happy dies pair it up with the Knit, Knot, Stitches die set.  I love this cat’s smiling eyes.  My parents got a Siamese cat and named Bootsie.  She ended up having kittens at the same time mom had me.  Bootsie would keep bringing her kittens into my crib and would lay in between us.  Mom said she had to keep moving the kittens out of my crib.  I guess Bootsie, being a new mother herself, wanted to keep an eye on ALL the babies.  Bootsie was my inspiration to color this cute cat as a Siamese cat.  

Using the i-Mend Cutting Deck, I die cutting three cat images from black, brown and cream colored cardstock.  I used the black for the cat outline; the brown for the tail, front paws, and the face; the cream for the head, body, eyes and ears.

Using the i-Brush blender bushes, I colored the triangle pieces inside of the ears with pink ink.  I took the head and colored the ears in a brown ink blending it to fade into the cream.  I took the body and colored the back legs and front legs brown, also fading it into the cream body.

I used Extreme Double-Sided Adhesive on the back of the black image outline and placed the die cut pieces together, like a puzzle, arranging them into the the Siamese cat image.  The card background is created by using the three colors of purple cardstock (two die cuts of each color) and the Knit die. The six pieces of paper loops are knitted together and attached it to a teal background.  I added the “Feline Happy” sentiment and the fishes created from a light an dark pink cardstock.

These are the i-crafter products I used with this card

Feline Happy die set

Knit Knot Stitches die set

i-Mend Cutting Deck

i-Brush Blending Brushes

Thanks you so much for stopping by today’s i-crafter blog post.  I hope this cute cat car has you Feline Happy!  Feel free to leave me a comment  or let me know if you have any questions.

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