Let’s Make This

Create these three charming ribbon rosettes in shades of Spring greens, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day festivities! Make one to wear and more to share!

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

Here are just three ideas to embellish the Ribbon Rosette dies for a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day theme. Version A has two layers of “ribbon” along the rosette plus a four leaf clover made out of hearts. Version B features the doily shape from the Ribbon Rosette Valentine Add-on set. Version C has narrow washi tape along the edges with the word “LUCK” in gold. Watch the video tutorial to make Version C at the end of this tutorial.

VERSION A: Die cut 3 green curved shapes from the Ribbon Rosette die set and 3 from white printer paper. You will also need to die cut 4 hearts from the Ribbon Rosette Valentine Add-on set, 1 zigzag circle and 1 smooth circle from the Ribbon Rosette base die set.

Accordion fold all of the curved pieces. Beginning with the small tab on the right side of each shape, fold a valley fold. Fold a mountain fold along the next crease line and repeat with alternating valley and mountain folds until all pieces are folded.

Use liquid adhesive to attach all of the green card stock pieces together to form a circle. Do the same with the white printer paper.

Adhere the printer paper behind the green card stock so that it slightly overlaps the outer edge to create a white border.

On the back of the rosette, apply hot glue and adhere the smooth circle piece to hold the rosette in place. Quickly and carefully adjust the rosette folds to create a smooth, round rosette.

Flip the rosette over and adhere the zigzag circle shape onto the center of the rosette using hot glue to secure.

Fold each green heart shape in half down the center to create shamrock leaves. Apply liquid adhesive to one half of the “leaf” and adhere it to start the shamrock shape.

Continue adhering all four leaves to form the shamrock.

VERSION B: Die cut 3 curved shapes, 1 zigzag circle, 1 smooth circle and a doily shape. Accordion fold and attach the curved shapes to form the rosette. Adhere the smooth circle to secure the back of the rosette. Adhere the zigzag circle to secure the front. Adhere the doily to the zigzag circle to complete.

VERSION C: Die cut 3 curved shapes, 1 zigzag circle, 2 smooth circles, the letters to spell “LUCK” and the shadow for the word from the Box Pops Lucky Cat Add-on set. Apply narrow washi tape along the wider edge of the curved shapes. Curve the washi tape by folding it slightly in the narrow areas between the crease lines. Repeat the accordion folds and adhering the smooth circle in back like the previous versions. Adhere the zigzag circle on the front to secure. Adhere the letters to the shadow and the shadow to the center of the remaining smooth circle. Adhere the smooth circle to the zigzag circle to complete. You can watch the video tutorial below.

Have fun making these St. Patrick’s Day rosettes! 

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