Let’s Make This

A stunning floral arrangement for spring

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Flower Bursts die set
    i-Press Burnisher
    Die cutting machine
    Hot glue gun and glue sticks
    Vase, any size
    Wire cutter
    Cardstock, assorted colors
    16 gauge wire cut to 6 inch lengths
    Faux greenery


Die-cut three large solid flower shapes for each large flower

Die-cut three small solid flower shapes for each small flower.

Die cut one small stripe flower shape for each flower.

Die cut one small flower center in black cardstock.

Using the i-Press Burnisher, sculpt and mold each petal. Run the ball end of the burnisher along the edge of each petal until the petal curls and creases.

Repeat for all three pieces of the large and small flowers.

Begin by using the scissors to snip each petal to about 3/8″ away from the center on two of the three die cut flowers.

Roll and pinch two petals together and adhere with hot glue to create the flower center. 

The next petal overlaps the first and continue to rotate and build the flower. Place this flower on the center of the second flower that has been snipped and curled.

Lastly layer on top of the third flower with hot glue.

Repeat the same steps for small solid flowers.

For the stripped flower, layer on top of the small solid flower and attach black flower center.

To attach the wires, create a loop at one end of the wire using wire cutters. 

Attach the wire loop to the back of the flower using hot glue.

Flower Burst

To create the arrangement, adhere styrofoam to the vase with hot glue. Arrange faux greenery as desired.

Add large flowers first and fill any gaps with the smaller flowers.

Make this beautiful floral arrangement that will last all year.

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