Scalloped-Edge Easter Basket Box

Easter basket

Easter basket

Make this scalloped-edge, Easter basket box to hold treats or gifts! Start with the Easter Basket die by Lori Whitlock for i-crafter, double it up to turn it into a pretty box and embellish with a basket weave border. This is a perfect little box to hold gift cards or Easter treats.

Start by gathering your supplies:

Easter Basket die
Slimline Edges and Borders die
Die cutting machine: i-Motion Die Cutting and Embossing Machine
i-Press Burnisher
Cardstock: three coordinating patterns
Adhesives: Liquid and Dry

  1. Die cut two pieces of the large Easter Basket shape in cardstock for the bottom box and two pieces in a coordinating cardstock for the box top.
  2. Die cut two shorter pieces of the large Easter Basket shape for the box inserts. See video for detailed instructions.
  3. Assemble the box bottom.
  4. Trim off the glue tabs and approximately 1/8″ from either side of the box insert shapes.
  5. Adhere the insert shapes inside the box bottom leaving 1/4″ above the top edge of the scalloped edge.
  6. Assemble the box top leaving a slight gap at the glue tabs. See video for details.
  7. Trim and adhere the slimline border around the edges of the bot top.

Here’s the box assembled.

And here is the box opened.

The green insert pieces allow for the box lid to be raised slightly for easier opening but also to show off some fun colors.

Imagine how cute these would be to decorate and hide instead of Easter eggs. Fill them with treats to make Easter Basket Boxes!

Happy crafting!


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