Let’s Make This

We seriously love this adorable applique puppy face bib. No sewing skills needed!

Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Puppy Face Wiper Insert die
    Die cutting machine
    Cotton fabric: four colors
    Pellon Wonder Under Iron on Adhesive or something similar
    Pre-made baby bib


Puppy face wiper insert

Select four colors of cotton fabric. The puppy face should be two contrasting colors. Third color should be darker to create the nose and eyes. The last color should be a pink color for the tongue.

Step 1: PREP

  • Prewash the cotton fabric and bib to avoid shrinkage later.
  • Cut fabric pieces in the colors and sizes to fit each die shape
  • Cut pieces of Wonder Under to fit each fabric shape. Remember that any exposed areas of Wonder Under will make your iron sticky if not covered.
  • Follow the instructions to apply the Wonder Under to the back of the fabric


  • Remove the paper backing from each fabric shape
  • Layer the pieces on the front of the bib
  • Use a hot iron to set in place


Make these in all different colors to use up your scrap fabrics! You could even add the baby’s name to the bib if you die cut alphabets with these same steps.

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