Let’s Make This

Let mom know how special she is with these sweet ribbon rosettes. Add them to a gift, pin them up around the house or hide them where she will find them as little surprises on her special day.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Ribbon Rosette
    Comic Words
    Hello World
    Box Pops, Oval Base
    Die cutting machine
    Distress Ink: Worn Lipstick {Optional}
    12 x 12 Paper Pad: Maggie Holmes, Bloom by Crate Paper
    Solid cardstock: Light Pink, Medium Pink, Dark Gray
    Scraps of Ribbon, Lace and Trimmings
    Adhesives: Liquid and Hot Glue

Gather your supplies including scraps of lace and ribbon. 

Die cut the large, curved shapes out of patterned cardstock

To make one basic Ribbon Rosette you will need to die cut the following:

• 3 pieces of the large curved shape from the Ribbon Rosette die.    • 2 Large hanging ribbon tails.  •.2 small hanging ribbon tails.  • 1 round circle shape.  • 1 zigzag circle shape

Triple these quantities if you are making 3 rosettes.

Additional embellishment pieces include 2 flowers and 1 flower center from the Box Pops Oval Base die set, 1 heart and 1 banner from the Hello World die set and the letters “MOM” from the Comic Words die set.

Accordion fold the curved shapes. Beginning on the left side, fold the first crease into a valley fold. Fold the second crease line as a mountain fold. Continue until you reach the last small tab which will be a mountain fold. Repeat on all three pieces.

Adhere the small tab on the right to the left of the second shape. Repeat by adhering the small right tab on the second shape to the left of the third shape. Finally, adhere the remaining small tab to the left of the first shape to create a circular shape.

Form the rosette and adhere a round shape to the middle of the reverse side to stabilize the shape

Rosette #1: Adhere silver trimming around the reverse edge of another zigzag circle shape.

Rosette #2: Cut ribbon into 1″ lengths and adhere one end to the reverse side of another zigzag circle shape. Fold over the ribbon and adhere the remaining end so that approximately 3/8″ ribbon is showing around the zigzag circle.

Rosette #3: Adhere lace to the reverse side of a zigzag circle shape

Set aside the three rosettes and three embellished zigzag centers

Adhere the smaller ribbon tails in the center of the larger ribbon tails in sets of two

Adhere one pair of ribbon tails to the lower portion of a rosette. Repeat for all three rosettes

Assembled rosettes

Rosette #1: Adhere heart to the center of the zigzag circle. Ink the edges of the banner. Write the word “Love” on the banner and adhere it onto the heart

Rosette #2: Adhere 2 layers of flowers and 1 flower center

Rosette #3: Adhere the grey outline of the letter “O” to the center of the zigzag circle. Fill with the pink letter and the center gray to complete the letter. Adhere the grey outline of the letters “M” on either side and fill with the pink letter

Ribbon Rosette

Surprise mom on Mother’s Day with these cheerful rosettes on a gift wrap, on a card or as a home decor piece. There are limitless ways to embellish the Ribbon Rosettes. 

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