Let’s Make This

Let someone know that you care with these many, mini succulents.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Mini Succulent Terrarium dies
    Geometric Dimensional Dome
    Die cutting machine
    Gold pen {optional}
    Cardstock, black and assorted colors

Three strips of i-Stik adhesive sheets are included with the Mini Succulent Terrarium die set.

To die cut an adhesive square to adhere the clear, Geometric Dimensional Domes, place the smaller square die into the larger square frame die and die cut the i-Stik adhesive sheet.

Trim off the hook to use the adhesive on either the front or back of the Geometric Dimensional Dome.

Cut two pieces of black cardstock into 6″ x 6″ squares. On both pieces, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner to find the center of the square.

Place a Geometric Dimensional Dome in each corner and trace around the lip.

Place a Geometric Dimensional Dome in each corner and trace around the lip of the dome. 

Place the small square die in the center of each trace shape and die cut four squares.

This is now the front of the piece.

Place the front piece with the die cut diamonds onto the remaining black cardstock. Trace the openings onto the back cardstock.

Die cut the mini succulents and triangle “soil” shape. There are crease lines on the round succulent and on the tall, skinny succulent. Fold the creases and apply a tiny line of liquid adhesive along the back of the crease to form the layers of succulents. 

The leafy succulent is built up in layers with some shapes reversed to curve in the opposite direction.

Determine where you want the different succulents. Lay the Geometric Dimensional Dome on top before adhering the succulents to make sure they will fit. Adhere the brown “soil” into the bottom corner of each traced diamond then adhere the succulent. 

After adhering the first Geometric Dimensional Dome, place the front piece on top to make sure everything is aligned. I found it easiest to adhere the first Dome using the i-Stik Adhesive Sheet then all of the remaining Domes were adhered using liquid adhesive so that they could be adjusted slightly to fit correctly in the openings of the front piece.

Once all of the succulents and Domes are adhered, adhere the front piece onto the back piece. 

I used a gold marker to add an additional line around all of the Domes to complete the final piece.

With just a little measuring, these dies and domes make a perfect pair. These Geometric Dimensional Domes can be used on shaker cards or ornaments. 

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