Magical Jars with Apothecary Labels

Hello again friends,

It’s Rachel, here to show you some magical jars created using the Apothecary Labels die set! I picked up a few glass jars at Michaels to use for this project and I think they came out pretty neat!

I started with the smaller jar, I coated the inside with a holographic acrylic top coat, then used 2 acrylic pour mediums to create a dark but sparkly look inside. To create something a little different, I used adhesive backed vinyl (like you’d use with your electronic cutting machines). I layered a purple over a holographic pink for the “Magic Potion” label. To add a little extra magical touch, I cut out the a moon from the Tunnel Card, Halloween Add-On die set and added it to the top of the label. I topped the jar off with a little melted wax from a candle that had reached the end of it’s life.

The sparkle was hard to photograph but it looks pretty darn cool in person!

My next jar is a bit more involved. I layered the following ingredients and crystals into the jar:

Black Salt (known for absorbing negative energies)

Clear Quartz (cleanses and purifies energy)

Howlite (a calming stone)

A larger chunk of Amethyst (good for dispelling anxiety)

A larger chunk of Tigers Eye (promotes a focused mind and clarity)

Multiple larger chips of Amazonite (soothes emotional trauma)

Lapis Lazuli (provides protection from negativity and encourages an open mind)

Adventurine (promotes inner harmony)

Then I finished with another layer of black salt. The intention of the jar is to remove negative energies and promote positive mental health function for the owner.

For the exterior of the jar, I decided I liked the “Beware” label from the Apothecary Labels die set since negative energy should “beware” of this jar. Hehe! I backed a sparkly blue vinyl with a gold vinyl.

I added a triple moon to the back of the jar in gold vinyl using the moon from the Tunnel Card, Halloween Add-On, and a circle from the Animal Mini Envelopes die set! Again, I sealed the jar using the wax of a candle that was near the end of being usable.


I know that my projects may be a little outside of the norm for some folks, but I really enjoyed making them and there are so many fun ways that these can be used!

Until next time,

Rachel Winn

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