Love is in the air…or Kitchen?!?

Hello! This is Shanna today from Caffeinated Craftiness!  I am here with a fun and easy card (thanks to these dies!!) featuring the Apron Box Card die set.

I had a lot of fun with this card, and even pulled out my sewing machine to play as well!  Die cutting was a breeze, although I would recommend a sturdy cardstock for the base.



For my Utensils I really wanted them somewhat realistic.  I couldn’t find any metallic/mirrored silver cardstock n my stash so I got creative and made some with tin foil and white cardstock scraps!  IT WORKED!!  All I did was glue the tin foil to some cardstock and then ran it through my die cutting machine on my I-Mend Magnetic Pro Deck.  It cut perfectly!  By the way—have you tried a Pro Deck yet??  Ahhh—Mazing!!  I seriously don’t know how I ever lived without it, and it doesn’t warp at all!!



I used the die intended for the mat layer on the side of the box as a pocket on the front—I love when a die can serve more than one purpose.

I added some ribbon at the top of the card, and that finished it up!  I think this would be a cute way to gift a gift card to a local bakery or restaurant.  A gift card would attach perfectly inside!



Who would you give an Apron Box Card to?

I will be back soon with another project—until then stay crafty! ~Shanna


Here are the core products used in my post today:

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i-Crafter Apron Box Card by Lori Whitlock
i-Crafter Apron Box Card by Lori Whitlock
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i-Crafter i-Mend Magentic Pro Deck
i-Crafter i-Mend Magentic Pro Deck
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