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Alphabet, Haley Outline
Today, I am excited to show off a little sign that I created using i-crafter’s Haley Outline Alphabet dies. This is a simple project, but it made the receiver’s day!  It’s a little outside my normal realm of projects. Mixed-media and home decor is intimidating to me.
I started with a shadowbox style box as my base. I set it aside after roughly figuring out that it would work for my plans. Next, I cut the “Be the light” out using the Haley Outline Alphabet dies three times.  The first two times out of plain white cardstock (scraps, because that’s my theme for the month apparently). The third time out of white glitter cardstock (again scraps). I clued them together using liquid glue so that I had the time reposition them if I didn’t get them lined up perfectly right away. Stacking them gives them added depth that you just don’t get with a single layer of cardstock.
Once my letters were built, I positioned the first 3 letters of the words on the left hand side of a 4″x4″ sheet of washi paper from HAI Supply to get my spacing down. Then I adhered the rest of the letters.
Once I had finished the words, I decided to add a bit of fun with a set of EZ-Lights from Pear Blossom Press. I hole punched 3 holes on the right side of the sheet of washi paper. I used glue dots and added my EZ-Lights to the back. Then I added little Purple Heart Droplets to the front side of the washi paper to cover the EZ-Lights.
I used double sided tape on the back edges and positioned it over shadow box, which housed the wires of my lights. The battery housing and button to turn the lights on was glued to the side of the shadow box.
The end result is a pretty little box that lets my glittery Haley Outline Alphabet dies really shine!
I hope that you have enjoyed my attempt at home decor and that you’ve been inspired to create something of your own!
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Until next time,
~R. Winn

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