Let’s Make This

Fun Impossible Box Fireworks display to fill with treats. Easy instructions with video link below.

Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:


Die cut two large box pieces from double-sided card stock.

Fold both pieces as shown. Note which are mountain folds and which are valley folds.

Apply adhesive along the long tab.

Adhere the two large pieces together along tab.

Apply adhesive along the remaining long tab and adhere to create four box sides

Fold in two bottom flaps and apply adhesive. Fold over the remaining two flaps to create the bottom of the box.

Form the top of the box by sliding the square corner behind the angled corner.

Apply adhesive to the small top tabs and adhere to create the top lip.

The Impossible box is now complete. Embellish the top of the box by hand-cutting the top long sides from the two coordinating card stock pieces. To create the “firework fuse” cut a 4 inch piece of cord and adhere it to one of the top inside corners. Adhere the triangles to the top of the box, securing the cord under one of the triangles.

Fill these impossible fireworks with treats for your next party.

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