How to Wrap Gifts to Mail Helpful Hack

Hi crafty friend, it’s Amanda from Pear Blossom Press again! Do you ever wrap up presents to mail to loved ones? Isn’t it frustrating when they look so pretty going into the box, but you know the bows are going to get smashed along the way? Don’t worry, I’ve got the answer! Instead of bows, tie on Ribbon Rosettes! They lay flat, so they won’t get damaged. They’re much prettier, and the back sides act as convenient to/from tags. They’ll even do double duty as ornaments! Take a look…

Don’t worry, they are quick and easy to make too. Head on over to my blog for details, lots of photos, and step-by-step instructions… pearblossompress.com

If you’d like to recreate these rosette tags, make sure you have these supplies…

Ribbon Rosette Die Set
Rosette Christmas Add-on Die Set
i-Brush Blender Brushes

Aren’t they lovely, tied onto packages?

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I’ll be back soon with another fun project to share. In the meantime, be sure to check out these places for more inspiration, updates, and the latest news from i-crafter…

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