Let’s Make This

Create this Home Depot Apron Gift Card Holder Box by using our template to add a bottom to the Apron Box Card die! Perfect for a quick gift card holder idea for your DIY Dad or Mom.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Apron Box Card
    Die cutting machine
    Adhesive: Liquid or Tape
    Orange card stock
    Home Depot brochure with their logo
    1/4″ Ribbon or Cord. About 11″ long

Step 1

Here’s a quick and simple project to make for Father’s Day or any occasion that celebrates a DIY-er that you know. Start by die cutting two apron shapes using the Apron Box Card die. Using the template below, measure and hand cut the bottom rectangle to turn the Apron Box Card into an Apron Box!

Home Depot Apron template

Download and Print Template:

Click and download this template to your desktop. Print at full-size on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of printer paper. Hand cut out of orange card stock.

Home Depot Apron

Fold up all of the side tabs and set aside.


Fold the two crease lines on each apron shape. Adhere one side tab to the back of the second apron shape.

Adhere the bottom piece to the apron front by adhering the long tab on the bottom piece to the wide bottom of the apron piece.

Fold the side of the apron piece and adhere it to the short tab of the bottom piece. Repeat for the other apron side. Adhere the remaining long tab of the bottom piece to the long side of the apron shape while also adhering the remaining side of the apron to form the bottom of the box. 


The assembled apron box is now formed. Cut two pieces of 1/4″ ribbon or twine to 5 1/2″ lengths. Thread both ends into the holes at the top of one apron shape and tie a knot to secure behind the front. Repeat for the opposite apron shape. Trim any excess ribbon before knotting if you want to shorten the handle.

Visit your Home Depot store and pick up a brochure with their logo. Our logo example is 1″ x 1″. Hand cut it out of the brochure and adhere it to the front of the apron.

As a final touch, we filled the Apron Box with tissue paper and added a gift card.

Note: we are not affiliated with Home Depot but just couldn’t resist an orange apron!

Happy Father’s Day!

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