Happy Hummingbird and Flowers Box Pop Card

Hello again friends!

I am back to show off my take on the new i-crafter Box Pops, Flower Add-On die set! I paired it with the Box Pops, Oval Base and the Hummingbird Happiness dies. The second that I saw the Flower Add-On set, I knew I wanted to pair it with the hummingbird. I won’t lie, it was a labor of love, & a scrap buster to boot!

I started with a green base, using the Box Pops, Oval Base. I used the included die to put a center slit in the front and off to the left in the back. Next, I pulled out my scraps bag (I had wanted to have a picture for you of this thing… it’s like 8″ think and holds up to 12″x12″ paper. Bag is an understatement!) I pulled out several sheets of solid paper scraps to use for the backing of my flowers. For the flower outlines, I used the scraps from my base. I used fine tipped Art Glitter Glue to add the colorful cuts to the flower outlines.

Next, I used the Hummingbird Happiness set! For the base/outline I used a brown scrap paper. For the wings, body, and tail, I used a larger piece of a slightly-lighter-than-the-card-base green. For the belly, I actually used a piece of a left-over invite from my wedding. (Yes, I’m a paper hoarder. We’ve been married 7 years; WHY WOULD I THOW AWAY PERFECTLY GOOD, NICE CARDSTOCK?! Don’t judge me.) For the throat, I chose a small scrap of glitter red cardstock, that I’m not really sure what else I could have used it for… ok, maybe I deserve a little bit of judgement. The eye, I used a left-over petal from the blue flower!

Now, when it came time to place my flowers, I knew that the purple flower would hold my hummingbird, but that it would need to be attached to a couple of other flowers to add support for the weight. So I added a large pink flower on one side, and one of the leafy pieces on the other. I layered them and overlapped them to give the fairly skinny stem a better foundation. All 3 were glued to the front pop-up section. After I added the humming bird, I ended up cutting another of the purple flower, backed with i-stick Adhesive to give more support so the flower didn’t droop!

I sprinkled the other flowers throughout the center of the base pieces and the back pop-up piece. I tried to create some sort of balance with the sizes and colors. I couldn’t decide on a sentiment to add, so I didn’t add one. That’s a hard thing for me, but I really am happy with the end result.

My sister-in-law has called dibs on this one, which is really an honor. She wants to send it to her mom for Mother’s Day. I love that it could really be used for any occasion, but even more than that, I love that she loves it and wants to share my work with someone she loves.

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Until next time,

Rachel Winn

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