Let’s Make This

Proving that cards don’t have to be boring, try adding layers of peek-a-BOO surprises to this pop-up matchbook card.

Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

Step 1: PREP

Step 2: INK

  • Using the i-Brush Blender Brushes, apply Distress ink on both sides of one of the watercolor Matchbook Stitched Base fronts as shown
  • Apply ink to the scalloped shape
  • Apply ink to the spooky tree front
  • Apply ink to the top and bottom fold of the Matchbook Stitched Base
  • Sprinkle with water to add spots to the ink
  • Allow all pieces to dry thoroughly


  • Trim and adhere the vellum shape to fit behind the spooky tree front
  • Trim off the top flap of the spooky tree front shape
  • Adhere 1 black house on the inked front
  • Align and adhere the spooky tree front shape onto the front of the inked front
  • Adhere the front to the back of the Matchbook


  • Adhere one mechanism to the center bottom of the inked background
  • Adhere the scalloped shape to the mechanism
  • Attached the second mechanism to the front of the scalloped shape
  • Adhere the black house to the mechanism
  • Add the moon, bats, ghost, pumpkins and words to complete


Cards don’t have to be boring! Scare up some peek-a-BOO! surprises!

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