Let’s Make This

Add some beautiful Spring colors to your next gathering.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Geometric Favor Box die set
    Die cutting machine
    Liquid adhesive

Supplies: Geometric Favor Box die, 6″x12″ cardstock in various colors, liquid adhesive and ribbon

Before beginning, lay out your dies with the cutting edge facing you as shown. Note that there is a tiny dot on the die as indicated by the two arrows. After the pieces are die cut, align these dots near each other when assembling the two sides.

Die cut the two sides, and with the dots aligned, apply adhesive on the long, narrow tab to adhere the two sides together.

Turn the box shape over to continue assembling.

Fold in the right side towards the center. Apply adhesive to the short tab as shown. Fold in the left side and adhere to the short tab. This will now create a box-like shape.

Apply adhesive to the left tab of the triangle shape.

Adhere the tab to the left angle edge.

Turn the box over so that the four narrow tabs are facing you. Apply adhesive to the four tabs.

Fold the bottom panel and adhere to the tabs being careful to align all corners.

TIP: Use the flat end of the i-Press Burnisher tool to securely press the tabs from the inside of the box.

Turn the box over, fill with treats then fold in the side flap to close the box. 

Embellish as desired.

Choose colors to match your personal décor and make these your own. 

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