Let’s Make This

Surprise and delight with candy-filled, geometric Easter “Eggs”

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Geometric Favor Box die set
    Die cutting machine
    Liquid adhesive
    Low-tack tape {optional}
    Clear acetate sheet

Supplies: Geometric Favor Box die, 6″x12″ cardstock, clear acetate sheet, scissors, liquid adhesive

Place the window shape in the openings of the box die as shown before die cutting. Secure window dies using a piece of low-tack tape. Run this through your die cutting machine. 

For the second box die shape, repeat placing the window shapes as shown and die cut.

After the box shapes are die cut, lay them out as shown. Note that there is a small dot on the corner of both box die shapes. These are circled on the pink die cut pieces and indicated with an arrow on the die image. Align the box shapes so the dots are next to each other.

Die cut four squares out of clear acetate for windows.

Trim the acetate to fit the triangle windows. Adhere all of the windows on the inside of the box shapes.

Fold along all of the creases. Apply adhesive along the narrow, vertical tab by the dot on the left. Adhere the box shapes together.

Fold in both of the left and right sides and apply adhesive to the short tab on the right top side. Adhere this to the left side.

Apply adhesive to the left tab of the triangle shape.

Adhere to the edge of the left shape.

Apply adhesive to the four narrow tabs and adhere the bottom of the box to the tabs.

Bottom of the box.

Top of the assembled box.

Fill these with sweet delights for a fun Easter “Geometric Favor Box” Hunt.

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