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Pine Tree 3D

Hello my crafty friends!  Are you starting to plan for the holidays?  I’ve been creating a few holiday cards and i-crafter has this brand new holiday die set called Pine Tree 3D.  I decided to use unconventional colors to create this whimsical pine tree. The die set is from the new October Release and is available on the i-crafter website.

I die cut 5 of the different sized snowflake twice from different printed cardstocks using the i-Mend Self Mending Cutting Deck. I used the  triangle die and cut 4 pieces for the tree base out of kraft cardstock.

I folded each at the triangle pieces in half along the score line. I glued all 4 of them together to form the tree trunk.

This is how the tree base will look when all 4 pieces are glued together.

Starting with the 2 largest snowflakes, I threaded them on the paper tree base. The first one that I slid on to the base, is glued into place using a quick dry adhesive glue. I took the second of the largest snowflakes and flipped it over and threaded it on the paper tree base gluing it a bit above the first snowflake. The blue snowflake is the next smallest snowflake. I threaded one of these pieces onto the tree base, gluing it into place. I threaded the second piece, leaving a slight gap in between the two snowflakes gluing them into place. I kept repeating this with each smaller snowflake. You will see  the pattern of the large purple, medium teal, slightly smaller pink, slightly smaller yellow, and finally small purple snowflakes to create this holiday pine tree.

When you are done adding all your snowflake your whimsical pine tree will look like this.  I used gorgeous ornate printed paper, but you could easily use a fun holiday print, metallic cardstock, or a traditional holiday print to create your own pine tree.

Here are the i-crafter products used Pine Tree 3D dies

i-Mend Self-Mending Cutting Deck

Thanks you so much for stopping by the  i-crafter blog post.  I hope you enjoyed learning how to create these lovely 3D trees with the Pine Tree 3D dies. Do you have any fun cardstock in mind to create thes fun and whimsy 3D trees?   Let me know if you have any question!

Visit the i-crafter website for more inspiration and see new dies and stamps.  Make sure to follow i-crafter on Instagram too

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