Let’s Make This

Let dad know that you’re thinking of him this Father’s Day. Delight your dad with this mini toolbox filled with small gifts. 

1. To make this you will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Matchbox Stories die set by i-crafter
    Trophy and Pennants die set by i-crafter
    Die cutting machine
    Toolbox Wrap Template {free file below}
    Solid cardstock: Red and Black
    Metallic silver washi tape: 3/8″ or 1/4″
    Adhesives: Liquid
  • Optional: small metal tool charms
    Hole punch

Gather your supplies. 

Download and print for reference.  

Die cut three Matchbox Stories boxes out of black cardstock. Using the Toolbox Wrap template dimensions, hand-cut three of the shorter shapes and one of the longer shape out of red cardstock. Use a scoreboard to create creases as indicated on the template.

On one long edge of the black matchbox shape, adhere silver washi tape leaving 1/8″ of black showing above the tape. Trim away excess tape on the sides.

Begin assembling the matchboxes by folding all creases. Turn in the small tabs and adhere to the back of the long sides. Fold over the remaining long side and adhere to form the sides. Fold over the remaining short side and adhere to complete the matchbox. On the long, front edge with the washi tape, punch out a semi-circle shape along the top using a standard hole punch. 

Fold all creases in the shorter red shapes. Securely wrap the shape around the matchbox and adhere the short tab with adhesive. Repeat for all three matchboxes

Stack the wrapped matchboxes and adhere together.

Fold all creases in the large red shape. Securely wrap this around the three assembled matchboxes and adhere on all sides plus the tab.

From black cardstock, die cut the small rectangular shape from the Trophy and Pennant die set. Align the word “Dad” die onto the rectangle and die cut again. Adhere to the top of the “toolbox”. Adhere the silver washi tape to black cardstock. Hand-cut this to 1 3/4″ x 1/4″. Bend the center and turn up the sides to form a handle. Adhere to the top of the “toolbox”.

Father's Day

Fill the toolbox with a note, money or these tiny, metal tool charms from the craft store.

Happy Father’s Day!

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