Earth Day Recycled Plant-a-Box

Geometric Favor Box

To honor the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, I made a seed bomb out of a recycled soda carton.

Supplies needed:
Geometric Favor Box Die
i-Press Burnisher
Die cutting machine
Empty 12-can soda carton or any recyclable box
Potting soil
Flower seeds

I started with a 12-can carton since it was the only recyclable box I had. For a more earth-friend version, I suggest using a box that does not have printing or a varnish coating. 

Use the two large Geometric Favor Box dies to die cut the two sides of the box.

Fold along all crease lines. Use the i-Press Burnisher to create sharp folds.

Note the small dots located on the corner of the two large dies. 

For easy assembly, place the two dies, blade side up, with the dots nearest each other.

Place the die cut pieces on top of the dies as reference.

Remove the dies behind the die cut pieces. Apply adhesive to the tab between the two dots. Adhere the two die cut pieces together.

Fold the right side towards the center. Apply adhesive to the small tab indicated by the arrow.

Fold the left side towards the center and adhere to the tab.

Apply adhesive to the left tab of the triangle shape and adhere it to the side panel.

Hold the triangle panel until the adhesive holds securely.

Apply adhesive to all of the tabs along the bottom. 

Adhere the flap to all of the tabs and seal the bottom.

On the inside of the box, use the i-Press Burnisher to securely adhere all of the tabs inside the box.

Fill the box with damp potting soil and place seeds in the soil.

Use twine to hold the box closed when giving as a gift. Remove the twine and moisten the soil before planting the box. 

Let’s all work together towards another 50 years of Earth Days!

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