Let’s Make This

Use embroidery floss to “color” in open areas on the Doily. Simply lovely and so relaxing.

Follow along with the instructions or scroll below for a complete video tutorial.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Doily die
    Die Cutting Machine
    Embroidery Floss
    Embroidery Needle
    Sticky Back Canvas
    Embroidery Hoop – 4″ diameter
    Denim fabric scrap


Die cut the Doily out of the sticky-back canvas. The Ranger, Claudine Hellmuth Studio sticky-back canvas is a little thinner and easier to cut. You will need to add a shim when die cutting the canvas and run this through your die cutting machine several times to make sure it cuts completely. Another option would be to use iron-on fabric. Apply the iron-on fabric to the denim first then mount it onto the embroidery hoop.

Separate the two rings of the embroidery hoop. Place the smaller ring on a hard surface. Lay the denim over the smaller ring. Loosen the screw and slide the larger ring over the denim and secure the denim between the two rings. Make sure the denim is tight and flat between the rings. Tighten the screw to hold in place. Turn the embroidery hoop over and trim away the excess denim.

The denim and hoop are now ready to add the doily and embroidery.

Remove the backing from the sticky-back canvas doily and adhere it to the denim. Begin stitching by creating a chain stitch around the center. Watch the video for stitching techniques and tips.

I started by stitching over parts of the canvas die cut as it radiated from the center of the design. This is done in the lighter lavender floss. After that I decided to use the embroidery floss to “color in” the open areas instead. I used the blue floss with a satin stitch which is simply using straight stitches, up and down, to fill an area with solid color.

I left some areas open to add contrast but you can fill in as much as you want. You can also add beads or different stitching techniques to make this as unique as you wish.

Even if you’ve never embroidered before, you can follow along and start making a this simply lovely project.

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