Cute Bird Orbs by Cindyellen

I am honored to have been chosen to guest design for i-crafter, one of my favorite companies (who can’t like a company with teal dies????) and I have created a set of the CUTEST LIL BURDS YOU EVER DID SEE!!!


These were made with the Paper Orb die, originally designed to make paper ornaments. That’s great, and it’s always good to be able to find other ways to use the dies you have. Now, how do you make these cuties?

Well, for each bird, you will need to cut out 3 strips from the base die, to make the actual die. For the colorful parrot on the left, I used a blue, a red and a green, in nice bright colors so it looks like a parrot. For the cockatoo on the right, they are white. While you can also use the side of the die that puts holes in your strips, you probably want to use the solid strips instead (not a lot of birds have holes. . . .)

For their tails, cut out the solid crescent die 3 times in green for the colorful parrot, or 3 times in white for the cockatoo. Each set of feet is one set of the solid crescent die in either yellow or black. The beaks are also one set of the crescent die in yellow of black for each bird. For their eyeballs, It’s one set of the crescent die with holes in it, in either yellow or pink. For the cockatoo, you need the tassel die cut out in pink, twice.

This will make much much more sense if you own the die, or you go to my YouTube channel and watch the video with the same name. Once you get everything cut out, I would highly suggest going to watch the video, to see how to assemble them. Seeing the pictures is WAY EASIER than trying to explain it.

Here’s the video:

I hope you enjoy making your own little flock. At least these birds are quieter than mine!!!

Thank you for having me, Cindyellen

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