Christmas in July Light-Up Box Pops Card

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I am so excited to share with you the Christmas in July Light-Up Box Pops Card that I created today! I played with i-crafter’s Box Pops, Holiday Truck Add-On die set and decided that I wanted to do something a little different by lighting it up with EZ-Lights.

I started by die cutting white shimmery cardstock using the Box Pops, Oval Base twice. Once cut, I placed one piece into my MISTI 2.0 and covered it with my Fern Berries stencil. I used Catherine Pooler Cranberry Fizz ink and ink blended it onto the base front and bottom sections of my Oval Base using my red i-Brush Blender Brush. I love these brushes, especially for fine, detailed stencils like this one. Next, I stamped the “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” sentiment from the Christmas Sentiments stamp set to one of the halves, making it my front half.

Next, I cut out the pieces for my truck and trees from the Holiday Truck Add-On set. For my truck, I used a black base and then used a thin shiny paper (almost wrapping paper in thinness that I picked up secondhand) for the bumpers and tire hub caps. The tree that I wanted to light up, I backed with vellum that I colored with Copics because we like colored lights in our house!

I glued my colored vellum to the back of one of the three green Christmas trees that I had cut out. I added some Narrow Double Thick Foam Tape to the back of this tree to trap my light in when I built my card.

I was a bit silly and did the next steps in the wrong order, in order to avoid confusion I am going to tell you what I should have done rather than what I did. I should have creased all of the fold lines on my Oval Base pieces using my i-Press, then glued the individual pieces together so that I had my two halves of the base. I should have added the little stand piece that would eventually hold the two front trees that I hid my EZ-Lights base/switch piece in. 

Next, I should have glued my Holiday Truck die cut to the front half of my base and punch hole in the bottom so that I could weave my lights through. I had already punched a hole in the tree on top of the truck. I got snow happy and used a snow marker too early so ignore that for now, I promise to come back to it!

I slid my three LED lights from my EZ-Lights through the front slit, then pulled them through the hole punched in the bottom back and back to the front through the hole punched in the tree. Most of my wires hid in the bottom half of the card. 

I cut out two extra trees from the truck outline and simply cut them off the truck. I tested to see where to position them in order to allow me to hide the battery holder/switch on them. Once my wires were threaded, I mounted the battery holder to my tree backs using glue dots. Then I glued the two halves of the base together.

I then backed the two additional trees that I had cut out previously with more green cardstock since I didn’t want to add lights to these. Once I had built them, I glued them together and used more Narrow Double Thick Foam Tape to adhere them to the two black glued together trees and the battery holder/switch.

I positioned my EZ-Lights LEDs to the tree on the truck using glue dots. I covered this with my original tree backed with colored vellum. 

This is when I should have broke out my Snow Marker and went snow happy. I hit the base, several parts of the truck and even the trees with my Snow Marker. There were sections that I added snow to after the fact, I had to be super careful so that my EZ-Lights didn’t get affected or melted.

Now, the only downfall to this card is that because of how close to the base I put the EZ-Light battery/switch the card does not fold up, so it’s more of a home decor piece than it is a card. Otherwise, I am completely obsessed with how this card came out and was pleasantly surprised with how few hick-ups I had creating it, even with doing several things out of order so to speak!

You can see here that I used black foam adhesive squares to bump the tires out from the truck body.

This side angle shows how much Snow Marker I really did use (I’m obsessed). It does mask the white of the foam tape nicely as well.

To add a frosted look to the truck windows, I added a small vellum piece to the back side of the truck.

Here she is all lit up! I like to take these pictures in the dark to really show how well the lights shine.

Here is a short clip of the card lit up in the light and in the dark!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my cards and that you feel inspired to go create! If you’d like to follow me, here is my blog, Instagram, and Facebook page. Be sure to join the i-crafter Facebook Fan Club! We love seeing all of your creations using the i-crafter products so don’t forget to tag us or use #icrafter when you share!

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