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i-crafter launch

Hello! This is so exciting! So I’m launching this brand new company called i-crafter at Creativation in Phoenix today. Wow, did I just say that? I know I couldn’t have done this without a lot of help from my friends. And it just so happens that my friends are some of the most gifted designers […]

Creativation, the Adventure!

Creativation 2020

People often post behind the scene photos of Creativation but I realized that being at the loading docks is something that not a lot of people see. So here are some “under the scene” photos of what it looks like to deliver your own booth to Creativation and actually set it up. I cannot describe […]

Hello, We Are i-crafter

Zip tag by i-crafter

Here we are! A fresh new company, truly inspired by crafters, for crafters.  What we believe: We believe that CREATIVITY lives in all of us. That creativity is the IMAGINATION made visible. That LEARNING new things can and should be fun. That creativity flourishes when we take time to EXPERIMENT and make mistakes.That MAKING things with our hands is […]