Be a Cactus… i-crafter Interactive Shaker Card

Hello crafty friends!  Welcome to the i-crafter blog!  I am so glad you stopped by  to see what inspiration we have in store for you.  Today, I am using the Mini Succulent Terrariumdies and the Geometric Dimensional Domes to make this fun southwest shaker card.  Let me show you how to create this card

A – Here are all the items I used to create this cactus shaker card. I pre-made and assembled three cacti from the Mini Succulent Terrarium die set

B –  Cut one  1/4″ by 5 1/2″ strip of navy cardstock. Cut two strips of 1/8″ x 5 1/2″ strips of navy cardstock

C- Using a white gel pen write “Be a Cactus” “in a world” “of delicate” “flowers” on the 1/4″ strip of navy cardstock leaving space as shown. You want to try and fit each section on about 1 1/8″ of space on the quarter inch strip.

D – Cut each section to the length shown in the photo

E – Turn the piece of 5 1/8″ x 3 7/8″ red cardstock over. Measure to the middle as show 2 9/16″  Measure 3/8″ from the top. Place the diamond die from the Mini Succulent Terrarium die set on the card lining up the points as shown and attach it with a low tack removable tape

F – I run this  through your die cutting machine using the i-Mend Self Mending Cutting Deck.  Next  glue a strip of 5 1/8″ x 1 1/2″ yellow cardstock to the bottom of the card

G , H –  Using the diamond die cut opening and one of the Geometric Dimensional Domes, line up the diamond die to cut an opening on each side as shown.leaving enough space in between for the lip of the Geometric Domes

I –  Set your die cut piece on top of a piece of purple card stock measuring 4″ by 5 1/4″.  Trace the inside opening of the diamonds on to the piece of purple cardstock

J –  Using your pencil outline as a guide glue one of the cactus down in each of the diamond shape near the bottom corner of each diamond

K –  Using red line tape on the back of the die cut cardstock, add the tape in between and around each of the die cut openings on the back of the card. Release the tape and frame out each area

L – insert the Geometric dome into the opening and onto the  tape securing them in place.  At this time, I like to spray a bit of Static Guard  lightly into the domes to get rid of any static.

M –  Using the red line or tape, Outline the domes on the back of the card and peeled off the release strip after burnishing it 

N –   I added a little bit of silver shavings to the inside of each dome. These are the shaker elements.  I added glue to the areas that had no double sided tape

O –  I carefully added the purple piece with the cacti face down.  I burnished around the dome with my fingers to make sure the seal was tight and the silver shavings were secure in each of the domes. If you are a little off with your line up you may always trim the purple cardstock close to the card front and remount the card in an additional piece of purple cardstock

P –  I glued a flower to the end of the navy strip with the word flower

Q – I glued the sentiment under each side of the lower dome diamonds as shown

R, S –  I measure and cut one of the 1/8″ strips and glued it to line the side of the domes on the left.  I did the same on the right with the second 1/8″ strip.

T –  I glued the card front to a white A2 card base and added sequins to finish the card.

These are the i-crafter products I used with this card

Mini Succulent Terrarium dies

 Geometric Dimensional Domes

i-Mend Self Mending Cutting Deck

Thanks you so much for stopping by today’s i-crafter blog post.  I hope you enjoyed learning how to create this fun Cactus shaker card using the Geometric Dimensional Domes.  I love hearing from you! Please leave me a comment telling me something that has brought you joy this past week!   Let me know if you have any question!

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