Let’s Make This

Create this cheerful, dimensional banner to display your 4th of July spirit!

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need:

  • TOOLS:
    Paper Orb 3D die set
    i-Grip Flat Head Tweezers
    Die cutting machine
    Liquid adhesive
  • MATERIALS {for eight orbs – about 24 inch banner}:
    Lightweight cardstock in red and white stripes – 2 sheets
    Lightweight cardstock in blue with white stars – 2 sheets

To create eight orbs, die cut 16 narrow strips from the Paper Orb 3D die set from red striped paper. Die cut eight narrow strips from star blue cardstock. Lay them out in groups of two red stripes with one star blue. Make sure that each set has at least one piece with holes in it.

On each strip, gently fold along the curved crease lines. Fold the tab on the short end.

Apply adhesive to the short tab and create two loops, one from the striped piece and another from the star blue piece. 

Place one loop inside the other as shown. Weave the remaining unglued, red stripe piece so that it goes under the red stripe loop, over the star blue loop, under the other side of the red stripe loop and finally over the star blue loop. Adhere the ends of the red stripe loop to secure all three pieces.

Gently rotate the connected loops so that the glued seam is hidden behind one of the other loops. Gently pinch the curved arches so that it sits tightly against the strip below it.

Using a piece of narrow ribbon or twine, tie two orbs together. Leave about a 7 inch tail hanging for the tassel.

From the star blue paper, die cut 28 pieces of the tassel shape.

Adhere four tassel pieces together by applying a small amount of liquid adhesive to the solid, top of each piece. Repeat to create seven groups of four.

Grip one end of the solid top of a tassel group using the i-Grip Tweezers and roll to form the tassel shape. 

Unroll the tassel and apply a small amount of adhesive to the back, top of the tassel to attach it to the tail of one piece of ribbon or twine used to tie two orbs together. Attach it to the tail about 1/2″ from the knot.

Wind the tassel around the ribbon or twine and secure with a small amount of adhesive. Trim off the excess ribbon or twine from the center of the tassel. Gently separate the tassel ends to create a fuller appearance.

Attach all of the orbs together and add tassels between each of them. We made eight orbs but you can make as many as you wish to create a festive decoration. A string of eight orbs extends about 24 inches across.

Have fun making this patriotic orb banner. 

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